Sony Rates on Firefox Mobile in 2014

The first smartphone with the new Firefox-operating system has already been looking forward. Sony will be on the bandwagon in 2014.

Firefox OS is a new alternative in the mobile market, and companies like LG and Huawei has already signed up as partners. Chinese ZTE has even used Mobile World Congress (MWC) to present a Firefox mobile.

Sony also arises on Firefox-course, but it will be probably first in 2014.

A press release on the collaboration with the Spanish telecommunications company Telefónica thus reveals that Sony “currently works with Firefox US Mobile and HTML5”.

The goal is that the Sony-in cooperation with Telecom operators-must have project to culminate in a finished product during 2014.

-“Our cooperation around a possible product with the mobile platform Firefox OS will create the possibility of reaching new segments of the market and lets us offer an even wider choice of Sony-premium products for our customers,” said Marieta del Rivero from Telefónica.