Sony MDR-NC31EM: Smart Noise Reduction

If you have any of the few cellular models this noise-cancelling headset support, it is a really good buy.

Digital noise reduction is often result in large and expensive headset. Sony has come up with a smart solution to just put the microphones that are required in the headset and have your phone take care of signalprocessningen. The result is a small and convenient in-ear headset with digital noise reduction for 350 bucks. The downside is that the cell phone must support headset, which just Xperia Z2, Z3, Z3 Compact today.

The noise reduction works really well, most of the ambient noise is filtered, and select the Office environment also takes other people’s chat away. Music in the headset also sounds good. An additional bonus is that you can talk on the phone without worrying where Mike is, it does not sit on the cable, but digital noise reduction works out what your voice and amplifies.

The only real drawback with this affordable headset is that buttons to answer calls and control the music at all. We’d also like to have seen a flat cable to reduce clutter.