Sony KD-55XD9305 in the Test

High dynamic range (HDR) is available as a feature in the middle class as well. We looked at so the Sony KD-55XD9305 in the test.
We have the Sony KD-55XD9305 test: in the video output 5/2016 the 65-inch model made for Fuore. The new development for the testers made especially interesting the chic design and the superior technology. But in April, the software of the series was still not quite finished, so that the editors could try not all features. So, for example, the USB recording was not yet implanted and when playing a HDR signals via HDMI, there were problems. Specifically to this case that is tolerated to players and television not on right off the bat and an adjustment of the adjustment was necessary turns out later. The previously tested Sony TVs of HDR are actually all able to play also HDR signals via HDMI.

Sony KD-55XD9305 in the Test

Waiting for the recording function was well worth it. The Sony TV is able to record a program while it displays a second thanks to the double tuner. Parallel rendering two recordings is not in there however. The finished recordings he clearly displays in a list with screen shot and saves also the contents on the USB memory. On the free Smart phone and Tablet app TV Side view, even a keyword search on the inclusion list is possible.
So, the viewers themselves on a very full plate is still the favorite movies. Genialerweise is also on the EPG and its own media files spread this search, so the app takes over the management of the media. On the app, as well as on the TV Panel itself also convinced the building of EPG. Ten programs including ongoing content body on a screen. With this overview, timer programming are set quickly.

Luminous Splendor

In the screen test, the top model gave no nakedness. Already SD playbacks dropped relatively sharply contoured on the Panel writing the X 1 signal processor. The Sony but also in the contrast was particularly strong. Thanks to the newly developed slim backlight drive his local dimming worked particularly effectively, what otherwise technically due rather moderate work with edge LED TVs. This won especially the HDR rendering. He offered still a clear detail reproduction such as in extremely bright parts in dark areas of the image. Its color reproduction was also at standard level.
By the way: In preparation for the European Championship still a discount promotion runs at participating stores until July 10, 2016 for the model series SD85, XD85, XD93(94). When buying a 55 combined wave then 100 euro in the form of a gift voucher. At 65-inch, there are 200 and 75 inches even 500 euros.


Extremely brilliant, top model, which is durchdesignt from the front to rear and also ideal to manage.