Sherpa Will Attempt to Conquer The Assistance by Voice on Android

Siri marked the road in smartphones, although the existence of the vocal assistants It had begun much earlier. On Android, we have several options such as Vita, the Samsung S-Voice or the own Google Now. However, and despite the precision that Google Now shows in its searches, his understanding of the colloquial language is not fully achieved, so pending that Google forward, other options are trying to gain a foothold in the market. It is the case of Sherpa, a Spanish development that It will attempt to while Siri.

Initially, the application available only for Android, and it will have a system of speech recognition can convert text slang and show us the result of our query. In essence, will be an Assistant’s voice able to perform actions or view information that we ask in a completely natural way.

Sherpa It will be released on October 1 in beta, and will be available through Google Play since the first day so that everyone can check if you qualify a promise. However, Engadget Mobile partners have been able to try it now, and although according to tell us the result is quite satisfactory, you can go to read your full analysis directly by following the link: