Samsung S8000 Jet

Screen operation
Like the iPhone is also operated S8000 Jet at your fingertips on the screen. In the test the touch screen controls at the Samsung mobile reacted comparatively slow on screen. Internet pages or photos can be via an on-screen slider to zoom in or out. On the home screen of the Jet you can freely program shortcuts called Widgets place.

Internet, E-Mail and SMS
The mobile offers Wi-Fi, as well as the UMTS Turbo HSDPA. The appropriate data rate was good 3.3 Mbps. In practice, the browser represented three Internet offerings of eight tested, where the sluggish operation of the software in many cases impeded the liquid finger control. In the E-Mail fully convinced the Samsung phone. SMS and emails can be comfortable to touch. The full screen keyboard, as soon as the phone is kept across is.

Photo and sound quality
In the photo test the Samsung camera shot pictures in satisfactory quality with effective 3.9 megapixels. Good: The Samsung S8000 can shoot video in TV quality (720 x 480 pixels) and has a photo light. The heights were slightly unbalanced in the sound and the bass too powerful.

Conclusion: Samsung S8000 Jet

The Samsung has a long battery endurance and mostly easy. The picture and video quality made a neat impression. In contrast to Apple’s app store, Samsung offers currently no programs to reload.

Review conclusion: what you should know

Samsung S8000 Jét can be operated via touch screen. It responded but slow on screen. The size of photos are changeable only by slider on the screen. The phone offers Wi-Fi as well as UMTS and HSDPA up to 3.6 Mbps. The S8000 correctly represented only three of eight Internet sites. Also, the slow browser in many cases impeded the liquid finger control. In the E-Mail it was very good the note”, SMS and emails can be comfortable to type: the mobile phone provides a full screen keyboard when held cross. The Samsung camera with effective 3.9 megapixels scored a usable images in the photo test. Good: It can film videos TV quality with 720 x 480 pixels. Fürs S8000 there are hardly any programs to reload. Best price on the Internet: 149,85 euro * per order this product on Amazon high video resolution: 740 x 480 pixels very long ready for total ease of use contra screen scratched easily mark of the editorial 2.13 good users rating (out of 1 reviews) alternative: Nokia N97.
Characterised by the large screen and the ordinary memory the Nokia N97. Camera photo quality is good, but the shutter lag is much too long.

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