Samsung Patent: a Smartphone That Turns Into a Tablet?

Samsung recently filed a new patent of foldable screen, bit of info but we imagine the best for this product concept!

Highly foldable screens! According to our information, Samsung would be about to (finally!) market the first mobile phone equipped with a folding screen in the first quarter of 2017 (at the show MWC 2017?), code name of the project: Project Valley.

This technological prowess (it’s been several months that we are talking about) would be possible thanks to the properties of the flexible OLED displays. Samsung has already proved that he was beginning to master this technology via its smartphones Galaxy S & Note in something frozen on the sides.

Today we have to find a new patent filed by correen South which leaves us dreamy: and if it was an able to unfold into Tablet smartphone? Or simply a Tablet capable of folding into three parts? (space saving?). In the figure, we also distinguish a keyboard, this tablet could then be converted into a real little laptop? At your predictions!

Many questions on this concept, but we do not hide our enthusiasm to the idea of new product like this come on the market in the next few months/years! As soon as the production of flexible screens will be controlled, a new technological revolution will be well and truly on the way!