Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini Tested

Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini is not bad, but far too expensive and for the wrong reasons.

It’s hard not to mention Sony Xperia Accelerometer in a review of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini. Samsung has previously made a S3 Mini and an S4 mini, both slimmed-down budget versions of the full-sized mobiles with the same name. Sony Xperia Z1 Compact is a phone with the same features as its big brother but with less screen. When i connected with the launch of big brother Galaxy S5 discussed with a Samsung employee, he said that the Accelerometer was an interesting concept, but according to their experience must stay on a minimodell down to about 2500 dollars to be sold, and it requires some compromises in the hardware.

So now Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini here, and sure enough, it has the expected compromises in the hardware. But the price tag is located at 4200 USD instead of 2500 kr. There are several hundred dollars MORE than the compromise free Accelerometer with almost exactly the same dimensions.

I had almost been able to finish the review here. 4200 dollars is way too much for this mobile and Sony has a much better alternative to offer. But Samsung has a strong brand in the day and get to sell a lot of this mobile. In addition, I suspect that the right will soon walk down in price, and if it lands on 2500 kroons deserves the phone definitely a second look.

Let’s start with the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini is really good at. It has, for example, the probably best mobile screen in its size class. The OLED screen is crisp and bright, and adjusts well to the different light conditions. Those who think that the colours seem exaggerated can change this in the settings. The format of the S5 Mini is nice and smooth, and it lies comfortably in your hand with its rounded back.Nice too that it is waterproof, a property it shares with Sony’s competitor but few other mobiles in the size class.

From big brother S5 S5 has also borrowed two Galaxy Mini a bit more unusual features: the fingerprint reader and the heart rate monitor. The fingerprint reader works by dragging your finger across the home button after you register your fingerprints. It works pretty good, except that you need to keep your phone with two hands to be able to drag your finger in the right way, and that the function can only be used to start your phone, log in to Samsung’s application store, and to log into the Paypal app. To several months after the launch of the S5, it is clear that Samsung hardly managed to get several app developers to bite on it.

The heart rate monitor works fairly well for me, but it can only be used if you sit still, not, for example, while running. The application range is very limited, and I had been entrusted with bringing down the component cost on an S5: (a) to make an S5 Mini so these two functions had been the first to strike out on foot. Samsung has instead chosen to retain them and saved on the memory and processor power instead.

The is a Samsung Exynos 3 with 1.4 GHz quad-core processor. It is in our performance tests approximately at the same level as most mid-range models, and well below the regular S5. It wont be enough to produce a comfortable user experience, but still a little Mini småseg feels the S5 in the menus sometimes. For example, it takes just over half a second from pressing the home button until something happens. Storage space is at 16 gigabytes, which is as much as that of big brother. Approximately 11 GB is available to the user, and there is also space for memory cards. Samsung has in its system added a feature that allows apps to be installed on the memory card, so storage memory feels full enough.

Worse, it is with working memory, which is reduced to 1.5 Gigabyte from 2 gigabytes in Galaxy S5. Normally, I would say that a gigabyte is enough for Android and to 1.5 gigabyte is enough, but it is without Samsung’s own software. Samsung has added his own voice, workout app’s Health, Geonyheter to warn of natural disasters in the immediate area (when I test your phone runs the big fire in Sweden, but it was apparently not in my region) and more and more. With app Clean Master, I can see that the phone is located at 85-90 percent memory usage before I installed some of the apps and services I normally use, and I get soon enough a warning that memory is becoming full. Samsung’s system is simply a real memory thief, 1.5 gigabytes of RAM.

The camera is also a cut-down and is at 8 megapixels. That it lacks the ability to record videos in 4 k doesn’t worry me, but I miss the slow-motionvideon. On the whole, the camera takes very nice pictures, but is more difficult than usual with contrasts between for example a facade and a bright sky. However, there is an HDR mode which can make up for it. In the dark images are very grainy, but in return, they receive at least not too much motion blur.

The battery is less understood, which in theory is offset by the smaller size. In our video tests, we’re also equally excellent results for large S5. In practice, however, I feel that I need to download S5 Mini more often than many other test cell phones I’ve had lately.

Had the phone cost 2500 kroons, it might become a Mobile Recommend stamp, with a disclaimer about the weak CPU and low memory. But now it costs $4200, just a thousand less than the full sized S5. When there is also a mobile phone on the market in the same format with a better camera, more memory and faster processor which is also cheaper seems not in S5 Mini light. It has better screen, heart rate monitors and fingerprint readers to counter with. It is not enough.

On the other hand

Daniel Hessel: Premium price for mellanklasstelefon. Is the extra fluff that is important to you, it’s a good deal, but would you rather have good grundspecifikationer is S5 Mini a joke compared to for example the Sony Z1 Compact.