Rumors to the Galaxy S8: Samsung-KI, Curved Display, Dual Camera, From April

The successor to Samsung’s Galaxy S7 bestseller appears next February at the earliest, according to carefully you should cost what the rumor chefs already sizzling. But it would be nice already.
In previous years, Samsung has unveiled the latest model of S series to the mobile radio show MWC, which takes place next year at the end February. But note 7 uncertain whether Samsung also 2017 – that would be the 26th February 2017 – can have the pre-MWC-Sunday, after the callback of the Galaxy. The engineers had a long searching after the cause deal with the fire-dangerous Akkuüberhitzungen (or are even still that is unknown) and the extra time on the other hand, may be better testing procedures, develop it likely to cost. By April as the release date of the Galaxy S8 is therefore the speech.

The latest detail to the S8: KI. As US media reports, the Galaxy S8 will receive a digital assistant called Viv. Early October Samsung took over Viv whose manufacturer labs; the original developers of Siri, the Assistant in Apple’s iPhones are behind the start-up. Viv co-founder Dag Kittlaus had sold six ago Siri to Apple. The Group developed the system itself since then. Third-party to Viv can extend an interface for developers. Apparently not alone anymore trust Samsung the hardware properties of the Smartphones, but wants to score with software the Google Wizard built into Android – with our own, don’t.
Curved display, two sizes
The current Galaxy S comes as S7 edge with 5.5-inch display curved at the edges and with conventional 5.1-inch display, which both 2560 × 1440 display pixels. When the S8 is currently mostly by 5.5 inches with 4 k resolution, and so a 4K-Display Samsung had shown in May. The high resolution VR would be important. One may hope to display rounded edges as the edge and note 7. Some rumors are even talking about a display that occupies the entire front; Samsung would integrate the home button together with the fingerprint sensor for it in the display. Xiaomi makes mix at MI, how futuristic looks a display without edge. Whether it is ready for series production in large numbers?
Probably Samsung pay the additional charge for this technique but not every customer will bring out a 5.1 inch large display probably only 2560 × 1440 points variant of the S8 – perhaps with edge display, like probably a statement from Samsung’s mobile-chef could be interpreted.
Dual camera
Two camera sensors, which raise the question, what start Samsung is at the S8. Several of their competitors is the second sensor of image quality improvement — that Samsung has not necessary, has yet the S7 together maybe the Google pixel and iPhone 7 plus now already the best camera.
Rather a telephoto would be important: either a contrast enhancement in the digital zoom as well as Huawei seeks with the two sensors of the mate 9. Or will the second sensor like in the iPhone 7 plus a lens with a longer true focal length. An artificial deep blur (Bokeh) there should be additional.
High end offal
The iris scanner of the note 7 should probably be in an improved version on board. The remaining facilities of CPU, memory and wireless capabilities is probably less spectacular fall out and reach at least S7 – or note-7 level. Interesting whether Samsung after the Akkudebakel with the back to replaceable batteries rated 7 or more firmly embeds it enough yet.