Review: Otterbox Defender for Iphone 6

OtterBox does the same thing as before, but a bit more smoothly this time.

The Otterbox Defender series is perhaps the most famous mainstay for many years. It is a shell based on a great deal on the phone it is supplied order, but at the same time, it will be really tough.

After seeing what Otterbox-owned Lifeproof do with their skins in terms of durability and mainly water resistance, it feels almost like a shell of this size should have some sort of better water protection than any gaps for inputs (especially when it’s an open hole to the camera).

At the same time, the Otterbox worked quite well with the shape of his duplicitous shell (a soft “ytterstrumpa” and a hard inner shell) and Defender for Iphone 6 actually feels not as clumsy as previous editions have done, which is a step forward.