Register at Engadget Mobile: Now Much Faster and Easier

We have just released a new registration system alternative and complementary to that already offered it with OpenID at Engadget Mobile. It’s a standard registration system, email address and password, so that all those who you wish to register or identify yourself in a more conventional way can do so too, without passing by OpenID.

And if you already have a user and prefer access to Engadget Mobile with this new system, don’t worry that you will also learn how to do it quickly.

New users

If you still not registered as Engadget Mobile user, now already you can register a user account with e-mail and password, using the following steps:

  • Access the registration/login page from the top right of the blog by clicking on “Enter”.
  • From there access to the register of standard accounts by clicking on the left side of the page in “Create your user account”.
  • There enter your data access (e-mail, password and user name), and optionally a set of statistical data (date of birth, gender, postal code and country) that will help us better understand our audience. You agree to the privacy policy and click on the “Complete registration” button.
  • Then you will receive this e-mail account an e-mail of confirmation of registered user, and to activate your account you will have to click on the link that contains.
  • Then we will give you the ability to add a photo and a description to your user page, so that other users of the community know you, and from that moment you can already start to participate in the community as a registered user.

From your user page you can change at any time, if wish you, both your e-mail address and your password, from the edition of your profile in your user page.

Registered users

If you are already a registered user in Engadget Mobile, you have two options: or continue accessing the blog with your OpenID account as you were doing far or, if you prefer, and you find it more comfortable, register a standard account (with e-mail address and password) associated with your current account and user page, so that you can keep all the information (user name, full name and description), activity (comments on posts, votes to posts and comments, lists of experts and fans) and associated to your current profile karma. For this you have to do the following:

  • Access the registration/login page from the top right of the blog by clicking on “Enter”.
  • Log in to Engadget Mobile with your current OpenID account on the right side of the page, by entering your OpenID URL and selecting the option “do not lack, use OpenID” before pressing the “Enter” button.
  • Enter your username and click on the button page “Associated account” below the description.
  • Once there you will have to select the option “Match one standard e-mail account”, add the email account to access the blog and click on “Add this account” like to associate it with your current user profile.
  • Then as this email account is not yet registered, it will show you an error message which will offer you a link so that you to register and associate to your current OpenID account.
  • Then you will receive an e-mail from that e-mail account activation, and after click on the URL and you can access your profile on the blog with your email and password for the standard account also.

Coming soon… single-account global in WSL

Finally, I’d like to advance you also that, in the coming days, it will be possible to register and identify themselves in any of the publications of Weblogs SL (you can see them in the horizontal bar at the top of the page, on the header) with a single has global. Which you choose, either OpenID or standard email address and password, and whatever that you are or not registered as users in any of our publications.

If you are already a user of some of them will have the option to associate your / previous s / account/s to that single global account chosen, in such a way that you can preserve the information, activity and karma which you had associated to each of them and access to any of our publications with a single has already.

That will be in just a few days. Meanwhile, we hope that this new system of standard registration with e-mail and password provide you the experience and encourage you to participate in the community of users of Engadget Mobile.