Praise from the Foreign Media to the New Danish-Weather App

A new Danish weather application for iPhone provides not only DMI’s rear wheel, the application also gets praise abroad.

Weather application from DMI has long been one of the most successful Danish applications, but now it seems that there is competition for DMI. Competition comes from the Danish company Robocat who are ready with weather application Haze, which came on the market a short time ago.

But in spite of the short time on the market, it has already gained mention in major international media such as The Verge and Engadget, it is write our site.

Haze is incredibly minimalistic and does not give you femdøgns forecast, as you know from several other weather applications and you can choose between three different weather information (temperature, air humidity and the number of hours of sunlight).

Selected temperature, then it displays the current temperature where you are. Click “grade-number”, so you will also be informed about, among other things, wind-chill factor and storm strength. You can also view femdøgns forecast, it is done by “swipe” down on the screen.