Possible Google Play News: You Precompras Apps and Have to Use Google Plus to Say

In the umpteenth update of Google Play We did not find news on the recommendations of applications and not much apart from improvements in stability and downloads. However there is always some curious which has as a hobby, look at the code thoroughly to search for future developments that are testing and has not yet been implemented.

This time the filtaciones are three, and do not seem to be simple stability improvements, but they go beyond. The first big news is the possibility to pre-purchase, without specifying what, can be application or terminals and accessories, it seems to be more focused to the second, but it wouldn’t be rare advance purchase of games and applications to be done.

The second measure found has to do with giving opinions its validity. Many know that perceptions that we must take into account more are the people who are close to us and with our same likes and is that factor which want to develop. The developments suggest that you will need to use Google Plus to have a say on an app, which can be good if you see what opined contacts.

The third great novelty found is in the section of mark an application as inappropriate to warn if something is ofesivo or illegal. Already you could report something for sexual content, graphic violence, content that it incites hatred, not well carry the classification by age and other things that they may arise to warn of an app to remove, but added content that may offend the sensibilities.

Some pretty drastic developments are, at least the second, might not like everyone and can cause certain rejection by the most Puritan. We will wait to see how these functions are developed and if we see them soon.