PayPal Is Giving Away €9 of Balance to Spend in Google Play

Update: PayPal has launched two new coupons for 3 euros to spend on Google Play. Are released from Spain PayPal and PayPal France promotions, but as that in the promotion of PayPal Germany also can take advantage of all the coupons, getting all those 9 euros free balance. Hurry because the coupons are limited and expire on March 18. Saved offers will leave you in PayPal Wallet.

  • Coupon € 3 PayPal Spain
  • Coupon € 3 PayPal France
  • Coupon € 3 PayPal Germany
  • Coupon 3£ PayPal UK

If you do not know that spend you that leave PayPal here you will find some recommendations.

PayPal want more users to use your payment method to buy content in Google Play, and to encourage the users have launched an interesting promotion that give balance to spend at the official store of contents of Android in Europe.

PayPal gives € 3 to spend on Google Play Store, whether applications, games, music, movies, books or magazines. To get this offer only have to identify ourselves with our PayPal account and click on the orange button of the coupon from the € 3 Google Play.

Click on the coupon we will have 3 Euro discount on purchases of Google Play to pay with our account of PayPal. The offer is limited to 15,000 coupons, so not tardéis OK this promotion. Once the €3 we have until March 31 to redeem.

The discount will appear to us once receive email invoice from PayPal the transaction of Google Play. If we see that not have discounted us nothing we have up to 2 hour to return purchased application. The offer puts that it is in Germany but to date also works in Spain and other European countries.