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A simple iPhone copy: it convinced Palm Pre in the test with balanced operating concept and full Internet capability. Palm Pre: new iPhone opponents facilities
The homemade, linuxbasierten operating system WebOS Palm wants to start in the Smartphone market. The Palm Pre is a 600-megahertz processor with 256 megabytes memory. For your data, movies, and music is a great eight-gigabyte internal flash memory available; seven gigabytes are freely usable for data. The storage capacity is not extensible, since it lacks a slot for MicroSD cards. The 3.1-inch touchscreen creates a resolution of 320 x 480 pixels, so much like Apple’s iPhone with a 3.5-inch display.
Photo and video
With the phone makes only photos of the three-megapixel camera, lack of a possibility of video recording. This has them Knipse about digital zoom, auto focus and an LED flash. The missing video recording will soon submit Palm with a software update. Nice extra: friends of geotagging their pictures taken with the pre using built-in GPS-receiver provided with data to place, position and time. In the test, photos with the Palm were 0.4 seconds in the box. The picture quality was at best mediocre in the test enough (3,54).


Music and entertainment: lots, but also no Flash

As multimedia player plays the Palm Pre music and videos off and serves as an image viewer. The Palm headphones sound moderate. Better find by conventional Jack or Bluetooth connection. The Clou: docks the pre via USB to the PC, iTunes iPod it keeps (up to version 8) for one. However, Apple has figured out the trick and in the current version of iTunes 9 blocked from Palm with the next firmware wants palm release the lock. Displaying Flash content on websites has the Jack of all trades just like the iPhone problems.

Total Internet and other applications
Palm Pre makes good as a communication centre around the Internet. So it represents data, emails, addresses, and dates of several providers at a glance: all contact data from a variety of sources about GMX, Google, Facebook or from your Outlook account in the company (Exchange) are automatically collected and synchronized. Who adds new addresses to the pre, finds in the address book of selected Internet service. A direct comparison with Outlook on your PC via a USB cable works but not

To make that happen, the transmission standards are edge, UMTS and HSDPA integrated. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are on board, as well as the E-Mail push function for fast retrieval electronic mail.

Palm Pre technical details

10 images the Palm cell phone in detail

Multitasking: multiple applications running in parallel

First Smartphone works as the pre with the linuxbasierten operating system WebOS. The new development is in competition with the operating systems Windows Mobile, Android and iPhone OS. The system software, particularly in the area of multitasking offers advantages over the Apple competition. In this way, you stay connected, with an Instant Messenger while the smart phone guides you using Google maps to the destination. A clear advantage over Apple’s iPhone, multitasking only for a few applications dominates. Small restriction: GPS is here and the Palm Pre from the Internet loads maps, but still there is not a real NAV software with voice message (stand: October 7, 2009).

Nimble: innovative operation
Internet pages or photos zoom in or out by moving apart or between your thumb and forefinger. The Palm Pre has consistently included multi touch the touch screen operation. The multitouch functionality works as well when you scroll in the phone menus like the iPhone.

In many cases it’s enough automatically all appropriate contacts or programs at the home screen on the keyboard the mobile shows going on to Tippen. Differently than the iPhone it finds pieces of music or dates but not

Synchronization with Palm service

The device is continuously connected to the Internet, because personal settings are automatically backed up at Palm in the Internet, automatically lands new device software (firmware). By default, the connection just abroad is capped.

Also on keyboards savvy users can get their money if you have small, dainty fingers. Slide up the display, a full but tiny QWERTY keyboard appears.

Calls and battery life
Calls sounded natural, it rustled rarely. The speaker sounded somewhat underpowered with the hands-free. The pre received for call quality, radiation exposure, endurance and features a satisfying (2.64) mark.

Wireless charging with the touchstone
Consume relatively large display and the radio communications (as with other smartphones also) much power. Intensive use is closing after a day and the chic part must be on the network. After all, the battery as opposed to the Apple’s competition with just a few hand movements is interchangeable. Special extra: with the optional touchstone charging station recharges the pre through electromagnetic induction. one cable connection from the phone to the wall outlet is superfluous. The extension via special back cover and the battery charger costs about 70 euros.

Palm and iPhone in the cost comparison of Palm PreiPhone 3GS 16GBiPhone 3 G 8 GB with rate/DatenoptionO2/Internet Pack MT-mobile compl. 120T-Mobile complete XSKosten: unique / monatlich1 / 28.50 115 / 49.95 184,90 / 24.95 fixed costs (basic charge) 2 Jahre685 1,314 784 costs incl. 100 minutes / Monat985 1,314 1,384 costs incl. 200 minutes / month1. 285 1,871 1,984 price and tariffs
Palms 135 grams light top model pre comes exclusively with your mobile phone provider O2 to the Price from 481 euro on the German market, deposit payable in 24 monthly installments à 20 euro a euro. By comparison, Apple’s iPhone 3 G with 8 gigabytes of storage costs still around 500 euros. Other than T-Mobile on the iPhone O2 waives network lock or contract. The phone works with any SIM card, because Palm without SIM-lock. The device can so easily be used with other providers. However, a data plan is required in any case. O2 offers an affordable option (from 8.50 euros / month) with the Internet Pack M.

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Test conclusion: what you should know

The Palm Pre is not a simple copy of the iPhone. Because he brings new ideas into the mobile world: so the Palm Pre is the first Internet phone that combines multiple email, address and calendar services directly in a single device. Also works with the Palm especially elegantly switching between active programs. Disadvantage: As entertainers, the Palm Pre is only average. Best price on the Internet: 149.00 Euro * order this product at Amazon Pro intelligent access to calendar, addresses, emails from multiple Internet services very simple search feature elegant menu control real Schreibtastatur Kontra mediocre photo quality test note of Editor 2.40 good users rating (of 3 reviews) conclusion: Palm Pre.
The Palm Pre is not a simple copy of the iPhone. It brings new ideas into the mobile world: so it is the first Internet phone that combines multiple email, address and calendar services directly in a single device. The change between active programs works very elegantly. Disadvantage: as entertainer is the Smartphone average.

All test details and the detailed measuring results can be find in the COMPUTER image output 22/2009 (release date: October 12, 2009).

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