Our Site Is Ready with Free Speech and Greater Data Packages

Price war: Our site has upgraded your subscriptions as high-consuming customers get free speech and greater data packets. The Director will reject it is a reaction to the 3s aggressive subscriptions.

Just three days ago launched phone company 3 one of the most aggressive efforts in recent times in the mobile industry, by giving free airtime and free SMS/MMS in the all packages as well as large amounts of data. The idea is that customers will choose according to their data usage.

Our site has just updated their subscription list and made some moves that are reminiscent of those 3 have launched.

In the main package for 399 dollars a month, is the news free speech instead of the 60 hours that were previously included. Data limit is also raised from 15 to 100 GB per month. Package just below, the to 299 bucks, now has 20 GB of data instead of 10 GB. Talk time is also free, against the earlier limit of 12 hours. In addition, free SMS and MMS.

Our site: We have a better network

Our site has also set a product to 179 dollars into the list, also with free speech, SMS and MMS. The amount of data is limited to 1 GB. In comparison, costs 3’s corresponding subscription 159 kronor per month, i.e. 20 Crowns less.

-“I’m fine with that in this subscription is slightly more expensive than the 3. We have a better network, therefore giving 20 kroner more good sense. There is also a difference between driving Audi and Skoda, “said Our site’s ceo Søren Abildgaard to our site.

He emphasizes that, unlike 3, Our site retained subscriptions for those customers who do not consume much. In concrete terms, it means the possibility to choose subscriptions from 99 dollars.


Not an attack against 3

Our site’s launch just a few days after 3s price war-announcement, looks like on the surface a panic attack from our site’s page, but it rejects the Director.

-“Well enough, we are fast, but so fast we can’t be. This is something we have worked on over a longer period of time, and our launch has been scheduled for 1. March. To 3 then come on some days before we live with enough, “says Søren Abildgaard.

Our site has an expectation that the market will move in the direction of more simple subscriptions and greater transparency for customers.