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With the right accessories, the iPhone in the car is a Jack of all trades: listening to music, phone and navigate. How to use the iPhone in the car as a laggard on the iPhone market leader Our site
Navigons MobileNavigator was the first high-priced iPhone application, which made it into Apple’s app store on 1st place. No wonder: After all a professional navigation software was long overdue since the launch of the iPhone 3 G in July 2008.

Our site wants to build on this success now. Price and feature set of the iPhone Navi software are similar: the European variant costs establishing 99.99 euros, the version with the so-called roof maps for Germany, Austria, Switzerland 69.99 euros (Status: August 2009). «

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Requirements: our site app

The Our site navigation software requires the iPhone operating system OS 3.0 and running 3 G and 3GS only on the models. «Do owners of the iPhone 2 G or iPod touch, because an integrated GPS module is needed.

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Our site app: car navigation for iPhone

23 details Our site’s navigation software in practice navigation in the portrait and landscape, no multitouch
control characteristic for the iPhone are preserved when using the Navi software. Example: Rotate iPhone 90 degrees, changes the display in each menu and the map automatically from portrait to landscape mode. The multi touch technology lets you shrink and enlarge, via finger gesture the view supports the software not.

calls during navigation?
important: mobile phone without a hands-free system in the car is forbidden. It’s allowed driving in a traffic jam or at some time stop before a closed railroad crossing gate and when the engine is switched off. Accept phone calls during navigation, the software is terminated. Then restart the program and automatically continues the last selected route. Want to call someone, you must stop the software via the home button. The Our site app continues the last selected route but you restart.

Our site car kit: mount with own GPS receiver

Still tinkering Our site car kit, to use the Navi software Our site app for the iPhone in the car. Information is now leaked: the mount will contain a GPS receiver. Therefore, the rumour: also the iPod touch will be the Navi! «Pricing and availability are still open (stand: August 2009).

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Useful iPhone accessories for car navigation

5 products Navi accessories for the iPhone the language issue should be over the car radio
the voice output via the built-in iPhone speakers. She is too low at the window open or fair noise. The voice quality is better if you use for example an iPhone certified car radio. A useful addition is the Kenwood KDC BT6544U that allows to connect wired (USB) and wireless (Bluetooth). «About the Bluetooth Handsfree calling about the car system possible. is then without additional accessories

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TMC or TMCpro FM: traffic jam warning on the iPhone works?

TMC receiver receive traffic information via the FM signal of the radio station. The Navi evaluates these messages and calculated alternative routes, which should lead to the target faster. Unlike mobile navigation systems of middle class (as of approximately 150 euro; Status: August 2009), the iPhone has no built-in TMC receiver. Also the traffic information service offered by Our site on the in-house Navis HD traffic (paid Aboangebot) is not available so far. Here put Our site but still, because the Internet connection of the iPhone can be easily retrieve information. «

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Speed camera POIs: no speed camera alert in Germany

The our site app warns against speed cameras, in which speed camera POIs are allowed in 11 countries. Germany is not, but Belgium, Finland, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Portugal, Spain and Sweden. The competition software MobileNavigator warns, however, in Germany fixed speed cameras.

Our site App: Timeliness of Map material

It is up-to-date in the Navi software maps from the first quarter of 2009 (v8. 30) integrated (publication: August 2009). At the time of purchase, you will receive always the currently current maps according to provider. In the future, Our site intends to offer regular updates; Update type and rates are still unknown.

Alternative of a NAVIGON Navigons iPhone software MobileNavigator is a suitable alternative. Functionality and price are almost identical.
NAVIGON MobileNavigator conclusion: Our site app

The Our site app made a good impression in the practice test, led safely from A to B. But the application is not a genuine competitor to the mobile navigation devices. Because for an introductory price of 99.99 euros for Europe respectively 69.99 Euro for the variant of the roof join cost for a mount and possibly a car radio. And yet, it is unclear what cost of map updates are added. The software is worth only for users who want to carry a second device and have an iPhone 3 G or 3GS.

Alternative: mobile navigation devices
provides mobile navigation devices that has tested COMPUTER image in complex test procedure for you. ««««The COMPUTER image list is regularly updated.

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