OnePlus Obtains Profits Less Than Ten Dollars Per Device

One Plus landed in the Android Smartphone market with its One Plus One, characterized by a great relationship quality price as we see in the analysis made by Engadget. He arrived with his particular method of purchase through invitations, what didn’t at this terminal stakeholders who were accustomed to the classic system of direct purchase.

Carl Pei explained one of the reasons for which have used this method. His reasoning is based on brands who sell their devices in the traditional way to get some large numbers in the first months but then they come down drastically. In the case of OnePlus occurs opposite, sales are growing month by month.

One of the questions we ask is how it manages to sell a device of such specifications with 64 GB of internal storage for 349 dollars. The answer lies in the benefits obtained One Plus from the sale of each terminal, which stood at less than $10. Despite not based on the same model we recall that Google sold its Nexus 7 in 2012 at cost price, so this strategy is not entirely novel.

Now, where it awaits One Plus get benefits? The answer to this question we would find the accessories that the brand proposes, taking advantage of its pull and your social brand that has been built with great dedication. Carl Pei is convinced that One Plus will continue to grow by 2015 and since Xataka Android we believe that they have the basis to do so.