Now LTE Advanced bundle frequencies

Qualcomm presents the world’s first chipsets for LTE Advanced Carrier Aggregation during the year Mobile World Congresse.

Mobile World Congress is about everything within the telecommunications industry, but we reports mostly about smartphones, as most other news is pretty nerdy and boring.

One of these more geeky news comes from Qualcomm, which could present the world’s first “Carrier Aggregation” on a 4 g LTE advanced network. 

Qualcomm introduced the new Gobi chip sets (MDM9225 and MDM9625), which can make use of mobile devices, and which can download with up to 150 Mbit/s on 4 g LTE Advanced cellular networks by means of Carrier Aggregation.

Carrier Aggregation means that a telco can hit several small frequency blocks together (bundle) and use the spectrum as one large block of spectrum.

In Denmark have our site. won a license to four frequency blocks on each 2 x 5 MHz in the so called 800 MHz frequency range. In a normal 4 g LTE network will only be able to use 2 x 5 MHz at a time-5 MHz to 5 MHz to upload and download – which means that the download speed will be around 25-35 Mbit/s.

By bundle all four frequency blocks would a company like our site could get the whole 20 MHz available, which with LTE Advancet categori 4 allows download speeds up to around 150 Mbit.

Carrier Aggregation predicted a great future, as bundlingen of different frequency blocks will be able to benefit from telecommunications companies, spectrum resources much more effectively, and allow higher speeds for users of 4 g LTE advanced network.