Now 130,000 Apps for Windows Phone

The total number of applications for Windows Phone platform has now reached 130,000.

Nokia’s boss, Stephen Elop used Monday’s news conference at MWC, to publish, to the number of applications for Windows Phone, now is over 130,000.

The lack of applications has held many users from choosing the new platform, if they were to buy the new smartphone, therefore was MWC a welcome opportunity for Nokia to advertise the number of apps.

However, there is still a long way up to the competitors, who counts their available applications in several dogs thousands.

Nokia has made several applications that are exclusive only available to their users, including Nokia and Nokia Drive transport.

Nokia has also made an agreement with Dreamworks, which must end out in yet another exclusive app that comes on the market in the third or fourth quarter. What it is, we know not, however, further on.