Notebooks for the Small NetBook Price: Where Is There More for the Money?

Small, cute or big and strong?
Granted, they are extremely handy, durable and often still good. And if you carry around the NetBook with you, every gram saved pays off. But hand on heart: on the move really always carry the device or carry it around at home? Then a cheap notebook is probably the better choice.

Netbooks: small, but oh dear!
You must do some compromise on all Netbooks: surfing scroll because of the smaller screen more frequently and the writing is difficult to read. Smaller keyboards and touchpads complicate the work. Can not read software, music or videos via CD or DVD, because Netbooks are often missing usually an optical drive. Also Netbooks lack in demanding tasks due to the saving processors simply performance.

Notebooks are really expensive?
Average notebooks are actually more expensive than Netbooks. But considering entry-level laptops with Netbooks, a comparison of facilities at a similar price level is possible. COMPUTER image has compared, where you offer more for the money get.

Notebook or NetBook: where s is more for the money?

13 NET and laptops comparison: where do you get more for your savings? Notebook buying advice no fancy jargon? Here is just a few steps to the notebook best for you. Test interactive buying guides notebooks points here :

Keyboard and touchpad: A notebook has more space for keys and touchpad. Most NetBook manufacturers but optimally exploit the available space and rearrange the keys especially. Thus, there are even Netbooks, where it properly to work can be. In case of doubt you should the device try.
Display and resolution: Netbooks have mostly diagonals between ten and 11.6-inch. Laptops with 15-inch display offer more than twice the screen surface compared to a 10-inch device. In the resolution, the differences are smaller. Netbooks deliver mostly 1042 x 600 or 1366 x 768 pixels. The latter also often found in the notebook entry class. It applies: the higher the resolution, the sharper the image. The image is larger, but the font smaller. Relaxed it works on the laptop.
performance: notebooks are so far clear advantage here. That because of the particularly efficient processors and because that Microsoft has so far limited the performance for Windows XP. With Windows 7, the cards are reshuffled and is no longer in the Wege.Speicher power Netbooks: so far was final for Netbooks with a 160-gigabyte hard drive. This border is with Windows 7 notebooks offer but usually more. Tie is often when the memory: many entry-level laptops must come a gigabyte netbooks. But: Many notebooks and Netbooks can easily prepare. Drive: A DVD burner belongs to the standard equipment of the notebook. Netbooks are usually refrain. If you access often to data CDs or DVDs, watching movies or install purchase programs, that goes with a NetBook only with additional work.

Here dominate Netbooks :

Mobility: less is more who often carries around the device with him, is well advised with a compact, lightweight device. Netbooks bring about 1.5 kilograms about half of a notebook on the Waage.Ausdauer: at this point, Netbooks do not have to hide. On the contrary, with their power-saving processors and the smaller display hang frequently much longer as the great Konkurrenz.Design: the look plays an important role at the time of purchase and is a like-run case for Netbooks. Just entry level notebooks here often have left. Decide for whether the pretty exterior permanently outweigh the disadvantages in buying. Operating noise: Where there is less power, less must be refrigerated. Netbooks are still quieter than notebooks. Also accounts for the noise from the CD / DVD drive.

Cheap notebooks and Netbooks here are about equal :

3D games: both rely mostly on integrated graphics chips. Modern 3D games bring this solution quickly to their limits. Only very expensive gamer laptops with its own graphics card offer fluid gameplay. Older games and browser games work on two Systemen.Betriebssystem: with Windows 7, there is an operating system that runs tidy on weaker computers. So Netbooks, which had previously relied on Windows XP, finally catch up. Price: In General, Netbooks are although cheaper, but the notebook and NetBook comparison indicates that models are in notebooks, priced on NetBook level lie.
conclusion: decides not the purse, but the purpose
according to the preceding points, the notebooks decide the duel just for themselves. But, there is not a basic recommendation. Worry before you buy, how and where you use the device. Because a device that will transport to the NetBook and at work to the notebook, there are unfortunately not.

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