Notebook or Ultrabook, How to Choose?

Appeared in 2012, the ultrabook is a name concocted by Intel in response to the growing success of the MacBook Air from Apple. A compact, lightweight, reasonably powerful and often with a nice screen, he had to give a second wind to the sales of personal computers. Advantages and disadvantages compared to the conventional laptop.

The versatility of the ultrabook

Problem, the ultrabook cannot do everything. “Not going to use it for games last fashionable explains Julien Jay, editor in Chief of Our site, or then you may be disappointed. The gameplay will be not optimal and the image will be choppy. “No contraindications however if you prefer games more casual (City builders, chess, etc) or the Games hosted on websites!

Theultrabook is equipped with processors low consumption, therefore able to provide moderate computing power. It will be perfect for follow you college or office for an entire day, chat, watch videos (any recent machine displays Full HD video without problem), etc.

The strengths of the traditional notebook

Even if it is larger, the traditional notebook is not without assets, starting with its price: ‘with a budget ranging from 400 to €600, it is possible to find a decent notebook. It of half the price of some ultraboook see Julien Jay. “And in most cases, that’s enough.” You will have to settle for a processor Pentium or Core i3, Core i5 (most powerful) being rare at this price level.

You will then be able to do everything you do with a ultrabook but have to accept a generally less autonomy and a more substantial weight (1.6 to 2.5 kg compared with 0.9 to 1.3 kg for a ultrabook).

If the processing power is an important argument, opt for an average notebook range. They board a powerful processor (Core i5 or i7) as well as a more powerful graphics card. From €800, you can find machines able to perform tasks such as video editing or photo manipulation.

By the way, make sure that the machine has a hard disk of at least 1 TB, these activities require a large storage space. Players must agree to pass the bar of€ 1,000 if they wish to indulge in their passion in good conditions and will necessarily choose a machine with dedicated graphics card GeForce or Radeon.

Whatever machine you choose, remember to check the size of the RAM. The recommended minimum is 4 GB. If possible, choose a machine with 8 GB, optimal and sustainable amount. “Above all, ask carefully about the quality of the keyboard and the trackpad of the machine you want to acquire, warns Julien Jay.Ideally, try it before you buy it, because if they do not suit you, you may quickly regret your purchase.” If the test is not possible, feel free to ask other users to this topic on the forums of specialized sites: they are made for that.