Nokia N86 8MP

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Photo quality in a mobile phone: so good pictures such as the Nokia N86 8MP offered so far no cell phone in the COMPUTER screen test. Photo cell phone: Nokia N86 8MP photos: lame response, great quality
the Nokia N86 8MP convinced with good image quality, so far rarely found in mobile phones. The photos are saved real 6.2 megapixels. But: It took a whopping 1.45 seconds, until after you have pressed the shutter button, the image in the box was. Thus, the shutter lag is deficient. Between two images, the mobile 2.6 seconds give break to save. Videos can be recorded in the resolution 640 x 480 pixels in the 3GP format. The phone offers a bright photo light for shots in the dark. A real Flash is missing.

Internet & E-Mail
With the Nokia N86, you surf at DSL speed. The data rate is 3.1 Mbps. The browser of the phone correctly represented six of eight typical Internet offerings in the test. E-Mail functions, the Nokia scored correctly: it was easily received attachments such as Excel, Word or PDF attachments. In addition, emails land automatically and without delay (push) in a user’s Inbox.

The MP3 player delivered a balanced sound and plays the main music formats such as MP3, AAC (iTunes) and WMA (Windows Media). The latter format in the copy-protected version, from the provider of Napster. The eight-gigabyte memory has converted for around five days (data rate: 128 kbps). Good: to connect of your favorite headphones, there is a standard 3.5 mm jack.

The N86 has a GPS receiver and route software on board. The pedestrian navigation is free of charge, whereas the car navigation costs money. The phone comes with eight gigabytes of memory, which can be triple via MicroSD card.

Conclusion: Nokia N86 8MP

The Nokia N86 8MP is a good photo quality and plenty of storage space. Emails are transmitted without delay (push) on the device. The integrated software provides many editing features and trouble-free opening of attachments. The operation is flawless.

Review conclusion: what you should know

6.2 effective megapixels the camera showed only a few shortcomings. A big shortcoming, however, is the very long shutter lag: it took a whopping 1.45 seconds. For shooting in the dark, the mobile offers a bright photo light, but no Flash. Nokia easily showed all received files, such as Excel, Word or PDF attachments in emails. In addition, emails land automatically and without delay in the Inbox. The MP3 player delivered a balanced sound. His eight-gigabyte memory is music (data rate: 128 kbps) for around five days. Nokia provides a free pedestrian navigation on the route software. For car navigation in Europe must then be paid as usual each year. Order this product at Amazon Pro good photo quality of very large internal memory very good email pedestrian navigation for free contra shutter lag with autofocus while shooting very long (1.45 seconds) mark of the editorial 1.96 good users rating now evaluate alternative: mobile Nokia N97.
The large screen and the ordinary memory characterize the Nokia N97. The photo quality of the camera is good, but there is the shutter lag to long.

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