Nexus 6, So Are Its Two Official Covers

Already lack less so we can buy the new phablet of Google in our country, Google Play already advises that Nexus 6 will be soon on sale in Spain, sounding like the Wednesday 12 November the possible date to buy it.

Along with the announcement of the upcoming availability of the Nexus 6 Google Play has also been reported that also will be put on sale its first two accessories, two cases, although it is unknown if they will leave the same day sale than the phablet or if they will go on sale later.

Transparent hard case for Nexus 6

The first case that we find for the Nexus 6 is of type rigid transparent with a built-in bumper which offers smooth and polished with chrome buttons to protect the device from bumps and falls.

This hard case Integra support so we can put the Nexus 6 on the table in landscape mode to view videos or to use alarm clock/table. The dimensions of the case are 165 x 89 x 14 mm and with a weight of 60 grams. The price of this cover is of 30 euros.

Google play | Transparent hard case for Nexus 6

Cover with bracket type book Nexus 6

The second case that we can buy by 35 euros is of type book black exterior and grey light in the inside of the lid. It also serves as a horizontal support and for store cards in the two pockets including the inside of his Cap. Its dimensions are 162 x 89 x 14 mm with a weight of 66 grams.