New Jabra Headphones with Dolby Audio

Jabra introduces three new hard-wearing headphones with Dolby sound.

At this year’s Mobile World Congress have Danish Jabra introduced three new stereoheadsets, all with Dolby sound. The three headsets has Scandinavian design and according to Jabra’s press release is the sound a delicacy for all musikelskeres ears.

Both the wireless Jabra wireless and the wired Jabra Revo Revo is made with a solid constructed aluminum frame, steel hinges and a splintfri headband, which ensures high flexibility.

The small Jabra Vox headset according to Jabra’s press release is composed of first class materials, equipped with reinforced cables that don’t tangle.

Jabra and Dolby Laboratories have worked together to to integrate Dolby Digital Plus in Jabra’s Sound App. Application delivers Dolby Digital Plus surround sound with enhanced bass and high frequency tones, and you can use the built-in Graphic Equalizer with built-in and personal configuration options.

Finally you get a feature that helps you find exactly the Jabra headsets, which provides the optimal sound experience. Jabra Sound App makes it also possible to create and manage playlists and share music via social media.