Network Digital Video Recorder

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With the new X-series of SanStore digital recorder, the SanStore LEMX and SanStore MMX recorders the product range undergoes a comprehensive update of hardware and software.

The MMX series replaces the previous successful MM series. The LEMX series is the successor of the LEM and EM series.

All recorders now have the modern H.264 codec, is saved by the space, which is a very long recording time guaranteed. The new, faster internal processor and improved software features also provide a comfortable, fluid and easy operation. In addition, the network performance (LAN/WAN) has been significantly improved and features like dual stream integrated. Also new is the facility by Apps on the iPhone or an Android smartphone are accessing the recorder. A new modern web interface for the recorder management as well as a newly developed enterprise management software (EMS) to manage up to 300 records make SanStore recorder to a digital video recording system including a request leaves little.