NAVIGON MobileNavigator: The First Navigation Software for the iPhone

The first navigation software for the iPhone
Navigons MobileNavigator is the first high-priced iPhone application, which made it into the Apple store on 1st place. (The European variant costs establishing 74,99 euros, the version with the so-called roof maps for Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg 49,99 Euro;) Status: June 2009). No wonder: After all, was since 3 G has long been a professional navigation software the sales launch of the iPhone in July 2008 overdue.

Conditions: NAVIGON MobileNavigator

The MobileNavigator requires the iPhone operating system OS 3.0 and 3 G and 3GS only runs on the models. Do owners of the iPhone 2 G, since an integrated GPS module is needed.

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NAVIGON MobileNavigator: car navigation for iPhone

Navigons MobileNavigator in practice navigation in the portrait and landscape: iPhone location sensor
control characteristic for the iPhone are preserved when using the navigation software. Example: Rotate iPhone 90 degrees, changes the display in each menu and the map automatically from portrait to landscape mode. The so-called multi-touch technology, lets you shrink and enlarge, via finger gesture the view works only in the 2D-Modus.

Calls during navigation
Important: mobile phone without a hands-free system in the car is forbidden. It’s allowed driving in a traffic jam or at some time stop before a closed railroad crossing gate and when the engine is switched off. Accept phone calls during navigation, the software is terminated. Then restart the program and automatically continues the last selected route.

Sound quality of speech
the voice output is done directly through the iPhone’s built-in speaker and is too low at the window open or fair noise.

TMC or TMCpro FM: the traffic jam warning on the iPhone works?

TMC receivers receive traffic information about shortwave. The Navi evaluates these messages and calculated alternative routes, which should lead to the target faster. Unlike mobile navigation systems of middle class (as of approximately 150 euro; Status: June 2009), the iPhone has no built-in TMC receiver. But, according to NAVIGON, accessories on the market to come soon. More info and the price are still not known.

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Useful iPhone accessories for car navigation

5 products Navi accessories for the iPhone conclusion: NAVIGON MobileNavigator

The MobileNavigator left a good impression in the practice test and led safely to your destination. Still, the navigation solution for iPhone is rather a useful extra. They (still) isn’t a genuine competitor to the mobile navigation devices. Because added to the introductory price of 74,99 euros for Europe – or 49,99 Euro for the variant of the roof still cost for a support. And it is unclear how you extend the maps in the future and expect. Therefore, the software only for people who want to carry a second device and have already an iPhone 3 G or 3GS worth.

Update: NAVIGON MobileNavigator 1.4 & traffic live

Thanks free updates Navigons MobileNavigator now offers the display of fixed radar detector. The warnings made by flashing red dots on the map and the acoustic warning: caution danger point. Other new features include the announcement of street names and an automatic day / night mode.

New from MobileNavigator 1.3: the paid option traffic live will inform you in real time about current disabilities, be considered during route planning in parallel. The service to be faster and more reliable than TMC, because the information comes from mobile wireless data. Traffic live is available in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Norway, the Netherlands and Sweden. United Kingdom, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, North America will follow.

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