NAVIGON 7310 Navigation with Clever Voice Control

Instruction: professional voice command

The intelligent voice control is a highlight of the NAVIGON 7310. Earsplitting misinterpretations were not complaining. The Navi listened to the word’s recognized dialects and even different spoken commands without complaint. Select the so-called professional voice command by pressing a key on the speaker icon.

The touch screen (touch screen) is 4.3 inches tall and was very easy to operate. The input erfolgetn virtually no delays.

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10 product details first impression: NAVIGON 7310 navigation device

Navigation: MyRoutes and clever parking

After entering the destination (either by finger pressure or voice), the NAVIGON 7310 took not much time until the routes were completely calculated. The announcements were unequivocal and acoustically good understanding. Also practical: The navigation system indicates speed limits, so you can go in a timely manner by the gas. So that you do not to drive fast abroad, that shows the applicable speed limits before the start of the navigation’s. 7310

The MyRoutes function tailored to your personal style of driving, recommends the best route, taking into account the day of the week and time of day. The navigation system then displays a main route and two branch lines, you can decide between them. Competitor TomTom offers a similar function names IQ routes already for a long time.

Another novelty is clever parking allows you to find parking nearby. The system informs about the prices and opening hours of car parks and lists these open up.

Representation: 3D city view, panorama view 3D and landmark view 3D

The route guidance is carried out either in 2D or 3D. In the 3D display, the NAVIGON shows three-dimensional some cities with buildings on the edge of the road (city view 3D), landscapes including hills, valleys and tunnels (panorama view 3D) and landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower or Big Ben (landmark view 3D).

Bluetooth Handsfree
If you have a Bluetooth phone, can use the 7310 as a hands-free device. Voice playback was good on the test device to understand.

Maps of 40 countries and FreshMaps

The Primus of a NAVIGON is equipped with maps for 40 European countries. Other countries, as United States or Canada, are not available. With FreshMaps function hold the 7310 up to date. Enable the option, within the first 30 days, you get to the price of 19.95 euros for 24 months map updates, for later activation this service costs 99 Euro.

Conclusion: NAVIGON 7310

As of the predecessor of 7210 (test winner 24/08) also the NAVIGON 7310 makes a very good impression. It is fast, reliable and also facilities as well as easy to convince. Anyone looking for a good upper-class-Navi, may access.

Alternative: Falk F10

Falk F10 is a good alternative. It has an Adaptive route guidance, TMCpro and map updates for two years on board.

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Test: Falk F10
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