Monument Valley, Success of Sales in Android?

At this point, it is likely that many of you have heard of Monument Valley. An adventure graphic that it is delightfully situated between artistic visual experience and game for mobiles, that exceeded 100,000 downloads yesterday, fulfilling two months on Google Play.

We could speak of good figures for a Design Studio as a ustwo, who had already made some pinito with previous games to Android and iOS. Taking into account, of course, that play is payment and is not precisely in the stretch under price. But, is it really a success on Android?

How much and how Monument Valley has been sold?

As it ahead, they are not bad figures… until we don’t put them next to the corresponding in iOS. The guys at a ustwo claim that only the first week of sales in this platform totaled them benefits. At about four dollars the game (3.49 euros), is not bad.

100,000 downloads in two months about half a million in six weeks

And it is that half a million downloads in the first six weeks of the game on iOS was reached through the Apple Appstore. Historically in Android has not spent too much in applications, this must be recognized to Apple the ability to create an ecosystem of applications larger and stockier, with developers that give quality and users paying for them.

It is also true that Android continues to grow here, and the gap between both platforms is becoming smaller. Google Play continues to grow, and not only in number of applications, and the data are encouraging. According to the AppAnnie report for the first quarter of 2014, which takes place every six months over the same period of last year, applications increased by 50% in Google Play, while the benefit generated by these rises by 140%.

Figures that would make Google Play an increasingly more appetizing store, if not because the applications that increasingly, monopolize these benefits are free-to-play. The name ‘freemium’. According to the same report, free applications but with advertising and shopping within these, reached 98% of revenues in the app store for Google’s Android.

Thus, as if it were a vortex, developers are moving more and more towards this type of model, what can subtract inducements to whom could pay them. Why would anyone buy a game specifically, if there are thousands (not all or most) free good quality? Return to start.

Why does this?

Passing on tiptoe by the fact of that Monument Valley also can be purchased on the Amazon Appstore, even something cheaper, the use of this continuous platform being anecdotal. Google Play is where all of the fish is sold. Well, Google Play, and in the alternative markets. Well, and Google to dry, or Youtube.

Since I remember, on Android we have always had the would scourge? ease of install applications from sources external to Google Play. Just go to settings and check the box of unknown sources. Monument Valley there is no exception. A set of three euros and a half does not buy without at least check it out.

The effect of piracy already passed Bill to other developers before, and continues to occur, as well as that there are means for, if not to avoid it, make it more cumbersome. As easy as you start typing in Google to see the trend:

We might think that clear, is that Android not all phones are high ranges in which taste play. That the use of phones is lower in the Google platform (although this is no longer as well). Or those with powerful smartphones are the least.

Perhaps it is a problem of culture. Perhaps it is that many do not see that by be duplicating bits are not robbing anyone. Even so, many of those downloads would not be converted into sales if hack out more complicated. What is clear is that it costs us to pay for the software. It is likely that IOS happened three-quarters of the same if it were so very easy to get that game and try it.

Google Play already has sufficient mechanisms to find out what find us in an application. We can buy it, install it, test it, and return it. Or we can resort to the dozens of reviews, video many, that are in the network. It’s not enough?

It is important that users should take conscience of this, that if we want applications that worthy, these do not appear by magic. There are people dedicated to this.

Improving Google Play

It would also help to Google, and Google Play gift cards, give the option to give applications. Monument Valley would be perfect for gifts, and for that you give away.

While many are 100,000 downloads (is on the level of other famous payment as Rayman Festival Run or Sonic 2 games), there is something that fails on Google Play with recent applications. The algorithm little rewards to emerging applications, and relegates them to the category ‘ Top sales of new content ‘.

Position of Monument Valley in different countries in the category of games since its launch. App Annie.

It would be less confusing to have less application Top categories (there are many and it is confusing), and more variety of applications over time, rewarding quality. It is not very understand to Monument Valley appear under Monopoly, when it is a much older application, is at the same level of downloads, and has far worse ratings.

Whatever it is, to the guys at Monument Valley -that it did not want to leave your opinion on the matter- you have done very well. Even jumping into the physical format with screen shots of the game, or totems handmade prints (that Yes, of no less than 130 euros). Even more levels are on their way, for those who play knew them soon. What there is no doubt is that, at least in Android, yet It could fare better.