Medion GoPal P4635: Navigation with Live Traffic Info

To the current traffic situation to determine takes the GSM module storage information contrary to, the NAVTEQ traffic (NAVTEQ offers geo data for navigation) makes available. They come from various sources. These include traffic information from 16 regional data centres and around 5,000 induction loops on motorways, as well as 4,000 infra-red detectors on motorway bridges. In addition transaction data be included in future in addition mobile users in the route guidance. This determines how fast and in which direction cars owned and booked a network mobile phones move in. All these results combined with the navigation system and integrates them in the route calculation.

GoPal P4635: Gasoline prices including

The Medion GPS can do even more: about 16,000 gas stations throughout Germany provide the GoPal P4635 with current gasoline prices. This helps in determining the optimum tank time or place and thus saves money. The GSM module delivers up-to-the-minute data to locations, opening hours, capacity and prices by over 300 paid parking areas. Facilities include TMCpro traffic jam Warner, a lane (helps when mapping at confusing intersections or exits), voice command and speed advice. The display measures 11 cm.

Medion GoPal P4635

6 product images the Medion Navi in detail the Medion GoPal P4635 comes in the course of September 2009 for €350 in the trade. Intelligent Transport and dynamic information service are one year included and can be booked in the connection request for 4.95 euros a month or 49.95 euro in the year. The integrated TMC-module backs up beyond the year, up-to-date information on the traffic situation. (rs)

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