Make Cell Phones Safe for Children

It must be with the appropriate instructions no special children phone you make almost any normal mobile safe for children. With the correct settings, you protect your child from cost traps and the wrong use:
Restrict calls to permanently stored numbers, about your or the emergency call 112. partial can be also international calls or block incoming calls. Lock the children phone for Internet connections. Facilitate calls for important telephone numbers with speed dial buttons. Lock down expensive services and telephone numbers at the provider.

You make your Nokia phone safe for children

12 images COMPUTER image tips tip 1: telephone calls to emergency numbers and calls home limit
the instructions show how restrict calls to specific numbers to the common mobile phones. All other numbers are blocked for calls and SMS. You must delete all phonebook entries and enter the numbers which may call your child. Then you release the numbers. To do this, you need the PIN2 (O2 and Vodafone: 0000; the other party is in the documentation for the SIM card). O2 and Vodafone customers change the PIN2 settings and security, Nokia is under access. change at Sony Ericsson SIM block.

For Nokia (Image 1, 2, 3)
For Nokia Smartphone (Fig. 7, 8)
For Sony Ericsson (Image 1, 2, 3)
For Samsung (Image 1, 2)
For Motorola (Image 1, 2)

You make safe your Sony Ericsson phone

10 images COMPUTER image tips Tip 2: Internet access lock
Internet connections are also potential cost traps. If your provider does not block Internet access, you can change that in the phone settings. To do this you must make multiple entries and shortcuts in The mobile phone menu. Proceed step by step:

For Nokia (Fig. 4, 5)
For Nokia Smartphone (Fig. 9, 10, 11)
For Sony Ericsson (Fig. 4, 5)
For Samsung (Fig. 3, 4)
For Motorola (Fig. 3, 4)

You make child-proof your Samsung mobile phone

8 images COMPUTER image tips Tip 3: speed-dials set
speed dial your child can call important numbers , by it and holding the corresponding number key for two seconds. To set up speed dialing :

for Nokia (fig. 6)
for Nokia Smartphone (fig. 12)
for Sony Ericsson (fig. 6)
for Samsung (fig. 5)
for Motorola (fig. 5)

Tip 4: block international calls
Calls via mobile phone abroad are usually expensive. If you want to not restrict international calls (Tip 1), you should prevent at least accidental calls. Contract rates and prepayment cards in the Vodafone network (mobile, CallYa, Edeka) goes like: tapping the table next to lock switch a specified code such a as you would dial a phone number. Press the call button. To call from vacation to Germany, you must deactivate the lock again.

Tip 5: incoming calls limit (only for Sony Ericsson)
your child prevent unwelcome calls advertising, sweepstakes, or calls from disagreeable contemporaries with Sony-Ericsson cell phones: restrict incoming calls, to selected numbers. Prerequisite is that the number of the caller is displayed. If necessary, callers in the phone that show setting caller ID or your own number must have select or by the customer service. From the fixed network is the number usually automatically displayed.

Sony Ericsson (Fig. 7, 8, 9, 10)

You make safe your Motorola cell phone

8 images COMPUTER image tips Tip 6: entertainment functions lock (only for Motorola and Samsung)
many current phones are equipped with entertainment features such as games and video playback. Motorola and Samsung, you prevent such shenanigans. Constraint at Motorola: videos and photos can still receive via Bluetooth and unique play. Mobile phones stored videos can no longer look after.

For Samsung (Fig. 6, 7, 8)
For Motorola (Fig. 6, 7, 8)

The image information in the tips relate to the position of the respective work steps in the galleries to mobile phones by Nokia (standard mobile phones and Smartphones), Samsung, Sony Ericsson and Motorola. The complete tutorials Overview:
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