LinkedIn Purchase Press for 90 Million Dollars

Many thought that only Google and Facebook could buy applications to integrate them into its service, but there are many more competitors there out to those two big. Without going any further, we have to LinkedIn, the social network based on employment, which has decided to make an Android application that has given much to talk about: Press.

Press, the application of reading RSS and social networks, passed into the hands of this social network for a price of $ 90 million, to be divided between cash and shares of the company. LinkedIn ensures that purchase focuses on getting that the social network has a greater potential to provide new users and that such messages are most interesting.

Everything points to press team will join the LinkedIn team, because it has been a purchase of talent in addition to the purchase of the software. The founders of press have ensured that the application is going to continue to update, even if they have not secured during much time will receive news and support, in these cases it is normal to let the application a few months or you will over to the company that bought it.