LG would Work on a Tablet With Foldable And Transparent Screen

According to the Dutch site GSMinfo, LG filed a new patent that illustration drawings suggest that the manufacturer would be designing a Tablet transparent and folding!

A few days ago we announced that Samsung had filed a patent for folding screen. It would seem that LG should follow the same path.

Screen foldable and transparent: the next generation of tablets?

OLED technology has made it possible to design flexible screens. It seems that Samsung and LG go even further with foldable screens. We do not have to a lot of information at this time. But the study of the drawings accompanying the application of LG leave see more interesting perspectives!

The screen of the future Tablet has a hinge in the middle that would allow him to bend. The left part of the screen reveals media controls and the right side is empty.We can assume that it will be used to display multimedia content.

The LG patent application goes even further because it seems that the screen is also transparent. Indeed, the hand that carries the Tablet is visible in the background. This would be a double technological feat associating screen foldable and transparent.

LG will go even further by offering a touch screen? The presence of the media controls on the screen suggests.

All of these are multiply our curiosity and suggest that 2017 will be a year rich in technological innovation in the world of tablets and smartphones!