LG Is Taking over webOS-But Not for Mobiles

WebOS would make HP-mobiles and tablets to a success. Now taken over control system by LG, which, however, has other plans than HP.

Since HP bought Palm, heard in 2010 operating system webOS also in the bargain. Now it may get new life with LG, writes The Wall Street Journal.

LG will thus take over webOS plus some HP employees who work on the system.

HP had wagered on that webOS would be to give success on mobile and tablet market, but the great breakthrough did not materialize. LG’s plans with the steering system sticks as also in another direction. According to LG’s Technology Director, Skott Ahn, will use webOS in LG tv flat panel monitors.

HP will still have ownership of the patents that came with the Palm acquisition, although LG will now take over the use of webOS.

LG expects to be able to release the first webOS-based flat panel displays “very soon”.