LG G5 And G4 LG Camera Compared

The LG G5 comes with his camera in big shoes. Its direct predecessor, the LG G4, decreed 2015 on a very good, if not even the best Smartphone camera. Especially in image quality, it becomes difficult to beat the good looks this year. However, the dual camera makes a top job.

Smartphones are the trend with two cameras, but the manufacturers use very differently the second lens. She collects additional image information allowing you to adjust the aperture and to move the focus point at the Huawei P9. The LG G5, the second camera, however, has a larger viewing angle, which ensures that you have to make not always a few steps back when a subject is too large.

Many Changes In Detail

The resolution of the cameras – the extra wide-angle camera has changed compared to the LG G4 – of course not. The main camera of LG G5 delivers photos with 16 megapixels, the Selfies are eight mega pixel large. The second camera on the back provides eight megapixel photos and has a viewing angle of 135 degrees. By comparison, the main camera has a field of view of 78 degrees.

The LG G4 had already a good camera, but it has become even better in the LG G5. The colors are strong and natural. In comparison, the predecessor has even a slight red tint. At high contrasts, the G4 brightens some more while dark areas, but overall the recordings of the G5 are saturated and even sharper. When less light is available, the G5 brings out even more of the available light and provides more detail and more natural colors – even with the flash light in the dark. Noise and artifacts not quite stay out as well as the G5.

When the Selfies not notice differences in daylight me. And Yes, I turned off the eight-tiered blur, even if he would remove all blemishes. At night none of the Selfie cameras can persuade, but to my surprise and all praise for the main camera of the G5, I notice that the front camera of LG G4 low light delivers better photos – even if the display lighting is almost completely white lights.

The recordings with the wide angle camera capture a larger picture though, bergen however two small drawbacks that I find but rarely serious. The edges are distorted and go in the direction of FishEye effect, on the other hand, they have only a resolution of 8 megapixels. Differences in image quality are not available to marginal, but the wide angle images can enlarge less. You can use the wide angle lens for panoramas – where the LG G5 could better combine the shots.

LG uses the two cameras of the G5 for a picture in picture function. Here, the wide angle camera ensures the frame and the primary camera provides the picture in the middle. For the border, you can choose a fisheye effect, a vignetting, depth of field or a black and white representation. The image in the Middle can be rectangular, circular or hexagon and also as wide strip in the center of the picture over the entire width of the range. Works well, game stuff belongs to me but to the category.

The camera app of the LG G5 offers more shooting modes and loads to do so, to make a panoramic shots, as well as to absorb fast motion and slow-motion videos. 60-second-short films that are put together from short video clips, even hiding behind the name “Snap”. In the multi mode, you create a collage of several photos, which can come from the same camera, but don’t have to. There is also a manual mode, in which you yourself sets aperture, shutter speed, light sensitivity, white balance and exposure compensation.

Conclusion: Very Good Even Better Made

LG have succeeded once again to optimize the camera of LG G5 compared to the already very good predecessor. The details, colours and also the light sensitivity are gotten all better. Only when the Selfies in the dark, I can see a slight step backwards. With their large shooting angle is a nice addition and the second camera, so it helps especially in places where you cannot produce the necessary distance from a motif with the feet, to fully scan it. I then like to take losing to megapixels in purchase. Now missing only a subsequent focus and a depth of field effect as at the Huawei P9.

If you you want to make itself an accurate picture of the quality of the recordings of the LG G5, so you find them in their original size in Google drive.