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Lenovo Tablet PCs

Brand name: Lenovo





Brand facts:

Lenovo is a world famous brand manufacturing personal computer and technology products including laptops, ultrabooks, tablets, desktops, smartphones, workstations and other accessories.

The brand name “Lenova” combines “Le-” and “novo” which imply legend, new, connected thinking and creativity, and they focus on innovation as their core value for developing and supporting new products.


Main Categories:

Laptops & ultrabooks, tablets, smartphones, desktops & all-in-ones, workstations, servers & storage


Time and place: 1984, China

Early products: computers

Tablet cases sale: bridgat

Founder: Liu Chuanzhi


Headquarter Location:
Beijing, China; Morrisville, North Carolina, US


Store Locations:

China and worldwide



Chairman& CEO: Yang Yuanqing


New Arrivals:



Price Range:

Tablets: USD74.95-USD3964.34


Official Website:


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