JBL Pulse 2 Portable Speaker with Customizable Light Show

As new lighting systems affect moods


Warm light on Mozart’s piano concertos, Flash glitter for electro-funk: you can continue to enhance moods, with the new technology – whether sedative or stimulating.


Veteran rock bands like Pink Floyd, Genesis and Emerson, Lake and Palmer were notorious in the 1970s for their pompous live shows where they put several truck loads of headlamps and other lamps to beguile the fans during the concert with excessive light installations. Because the old rocker did: A suitable lighting enhances the effect of music immensely. Every music listener can check this simple truth in his own home – without expensive headlamp batteries and effect Hascher technology. Many manufacturers of audio systems pair your speaker with little light systems that translate the rhythms and pitches via digital technology in lighting.

Light is showed depending on the music and mood

The US company Harman sold pulse 2 chic speakers that are connected via Bluetooth to a music server in the form of a smart phone or a laptop under the name of JBL. If the music sounds, tiny lights inside of the piston-like device, what comes to the fore in dark rooms. You can align the integrated lens on certain backgrounds, whereupon the JBL pulse 2 his light show on the color of the background fits. To make settings about the related app, which is available free of charge. The device costs around 200 euro, is splash-proof and can be used in, similar to how the UE BoomBox 2 Logitech, best on evening beach or Lake parties.

The influential California chip maker Qualcomm recently presented a basic technique for manufacturers and developers. Under the name smart lightning developed the company inter alia with the subsidiary company Atheros and startup Lifx modules that combine with various LED lamps. These lamps light up white in a primary or a secondary color. Qualcomm’s chip QCA4002 which is ideal because of its economy for the Internet of things, so for intelligent devices and garments is used as the central unit. The module itself is the size of a 1-euro coin, it is connected to a light plant of lamp manufacturer of arrow electronics and controlled via software of the manufacturer Lifx. Because of the moderate price of the modules from $ 20, you should soon find a number of products in the German market, contain the devices with Qualcomm-chip and lighting systems. There are no restrictions for use, Qualcomm recommends pairing with stereo, TV and video game console. The effect of which is that the technology translated into adequate light signals of different sounds and facilitates the mental immersion in music is crucial.

For some years now, you can buy speaker/light combos of the Hamburg-based company of Xounts and place it in the living room. The devices are primarily high-quality loudspeakers, where Xounts has installed several bass elements, tweeter and woofer. All the technology inside a pyramid-shaped structure that contains classic stereo connectors, also a Bluetooth module for wireless music supply and operation. The notes sound full and clear, the speaker is suitable for both medium-larger spaces. The relatively large pyramid with a footprint of approximately 40 x 40 cm contains a lamp that is can be dimmed via a remote control, which is a diffuse, pleasant light on the environment through the thick, colored fabric. The color of the substance may determine the buyer itself. If you like, can activate a light organ, inasmuch as it fits into the current music. The Xounts basic system costs around 300 euros, connection cables and economy lamp are included.