Iphone: Apple Makes More Profit Than All Smartphone Industry

Apple has a deleted according to an investment bank for the first time over 100% of the profits of the entire Smartphone sector, since other manufacturers lose money.

Nearly 104 percent of the profit of the Smartphone industry accounts for Apple. This from an estimate of the Investment Bank BMO Capital markets to the Smartphone market in the third quarter of 2016 emerges, like the financial newspaper investor’s business daily reported. In the comparable quarter of the previous year, Apple’s profit share with the iPhone had been at 90 percent. Samsung’s weak result let Apple first climb over the 100-percent mark in the previous quarter – among other things by the battery problems of note 7.

IPhone with high gain at low market share

Apple’s profit share is greater than 100 percent, because the company with the iPhone generated more profit than the industry as a whole, said the investment bank – other manufacturers such as LG and HTC have lost more money when selling their Smartpones. Samsung’s pocketing the estimates of only 0.9 percent of Smartphone profits.

According to the market research company of Strategy Analytics estimate the market share of the iPhone went back to 12.1 percent in the last quarter. Apple introduced the new iPhone-7 models only at the end of the quarter in September. Android’s market share rose to 87.5 percent.

Google challenges

The Android platform seem currently “untouchable”, the market researchers stress, however, Google faces multiple challenges: Android will flood of ‘Hundreds of manufacturers’ and only a few make money with the hardware. With the newly introduced Smartphone, pixel also kick the Google operating system manufacturer in direct competition with its hardware partners.

BMO Capital markets estimates Apple’s Smartphone market share units in the third quarter on a good 13 percent, market leader Samsung was just 22 percent. Huawei follow on place 3 with just a share of just under 10 percent.