Introducing Engadget Mobile in Mobile Format

Mobile phone users are in luck, long needed and after a great work of the guys from our Development Department, in today you can present the mobile-optimized version of Engadget Mobile.

It was a very requested feature, and in addition to formatting the content to make the display more comfortable on the small screens of our terminals, it is fully compatible with the screens with touch technology.

This development was made possible by the sponsorship of Vodafone 360, and we hope your impressions on the subject to be able to continue improving the functionalities in future versions.

To access the mobile version of our website only, you have to access through the address

I commented some of the features of the mobile version of our blog:

  • The improvements in speed are important, since this edition in addition to the cited formatting of news, lightens the weight of images, question which will appreciate our data connections and memory of our appliances.
  • Time can read posts and comments, but still no comment from the mobile functionality that we will offer as soon as we can.
  • Not lost the possibility to filter by category, and we have access to a tab with “ the best ” in the last days in Engadget Mobile.
  • In addition if you are readers of other blogs of WeblogsSL, you have the possibility to jump to your favorite publications by simply pressing the tab ‘Read more’, across the network in the Palm of your hand.

My colleague Martin has entertained in go by screenshots to view this page in different looks mobile, if you want to share that as seen on your phone and help us find bugs, we would be grateful, I leave you with a gallery:

See complete gallery» different mobile versions Xatakamovil (4 photos)