I Live 5 X Max, with You The Finest New Smartphone in The World

Live boys are in luck, and it is that the Chinese company is becoming one of the firms that more media buzz is rising in this end of year.

Today we return to talk about his future ultra-thin terminal – with less than 4 mm thick-, but we’re already going direct to the present to introduce to the I live 5 X Max, new thinnest smartphone in the world.

Still not submitted officially, although the information if they come direct from live and are official. The device It will be in the Asian markets in December, but still we do not know exact dates or prices.

Already going into details, the live X 5 Max is left with the thinnest smartphone in the world throne after lowering the 5.15 Kazam Tornado 348 mm until its 3.75 mm thick, a Ribbon already quite difficult to overcome.

The own live indicates that to achieve that figure even had to move components hardware of the X 5 Max to the sides, with the exception of the battery.

In terms of hardware, it seems that it will mount a screen of 5.5 inches and FullHD resolution, animated by a chipset MediaTek MT6592 with eight core processor at 1.7 GHz. The RAM goes up to 2 GB.

It knows nothing about an internal memory that will surely not be expandable, nor either of its battery capacity, given the negligible thickness do not believe make it very high.

In terms of cameras, all that has transpired is that it will feature a 13-megapixel sensor that will protrude slightly from the housing of the device, as well as another 5 megapixel front.

We were attentive to the movements of live, especially seeing the end of year so lively that raised the Chinese manufacturer. We’ll see at what price Max arrives this X 5, and above all, at what cost in terms of autonomy.