Hunting Bargains Android 20, Comes The Weekend

To the rhythm of weekend come these bargains, like Friday, that is, waiting to land the Black Friday next week. Join this Weekly 20 hunting Bargain Edition Android:

  • The Honor 3 c It has yet officially (although it should, according to original plans). While we wait for it to appear on, already have in France by 129.99 euros.
  • Moto E, one of the best price/quality in input range, returns to break price records. Can find you it in by 86.99 euros.
  • We prefer a little one and we don’t want to spend more than 70 euros? We have this top seller in MediaMarkt, Acer Liquid Z200 for only 69 euros. And it is also Dual SIM.
  • What a way to trap prices. Do you remember of the? Moto G original? By 130.69 euros is right now at Amazon. Tremendous.
  • If it fits me in the hand is not a mobile generation. Note 4-Galaxy reach Rakuten 669 euros with coupon RAK82014NOV (which makes us 8%), we have it in black and white. In Pccomponentes you have it to 679 euros on white, no trouble.
  • The coming week is Black Friday, meanwhile some already are warming. In Fnac have until 10 in the morning on Saturday 22 (i.e. tomorrow), offer outside the VAT. We find the Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact by 329.73 euros and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.4 S by 321.03 euros.
  • Looking for a decent headset as a complement to your smartphone? Zavvi have these JVC Esnsy by 57,15 euros. Good deal considering that your reference is at 177 euros, or that Amazon we find them by 93 euros.
  • Surprise: the Nexus 6 It has been exhausted Google Play, but Amazon have in presales for 599 euros, with 50 Euro discount, price guarantee (if you make the reservation). The trick? It is not known when.

And as always, now is your time, do you what have you found? Surely equally interesting bargains. Tell us about them below, in the comments. You can always check our track record of bargains, perhaps there is some still interesting. Also remember that if you use Pushbullet, you can subscribe to our channel of hunting bargains Android to be the first to know. See you next Friday!