Huawei Honor 7 Smartphone

The honor of 7 is much cheaper than current top smartphones, to but still can keep in the top class. Whether the Chinese machine is actually as good or his fancy aluminum dress is just smoke and mirrors, has tested.

With the honor 6, Huawei has probably unveiled the smartphone with the best value for money last year. For relatively little money, the device was appealing packaged strong technique and stamina. Now is the successor to honor 7 on the market. We have tested whether Huawei could throw even a shovel or is slipped into the middle class.

Visually, the honor of 7 is the little brother of the Huawei Ascend Mate 7. So it is not quite as pretty as the new mate S, must be ashamed but with its brushed aluminum dress in better company. The smartphone is just fine and feels high quality with its polished edges. Only the necessary to receive plastic caps on the top and bottom may be slightly more precise fit–especially on the side of the transition to the aluminum is felt.

Thicker Battery Instead Of Slim Waist

The honor of 7 is somewhat thicker than the mate S and other top smartphones with a 8.5 mm. But this has a good reason: the battery has a capacity of 3100 Mah and can hold during average use also two days running the device. That might be more important than a super slim waist to many users. The juice is still scarce, time the battery is quickly charged in about two hours.

As regards performance, has also the honor of 7 upper class level. Like the mate S, it is powered Hisilicon Kirin 935 of the hotel’s 8-core processor which can access 3 gigabytes of memory. The internal memory is however somewhat scarce with 16 gigabytes and an update on Android 6.0 would do well the device, which allows the use of microSD memory cards. However, with regard to software updates, has not covered so far Huawei itself with glory-the Ascend Mate 7 now only receives the update to Android 5.1.1. The honor 7 is with Android 5.0 and Huawei’s user interface emotion UI included in the version 3.1. The functions are largely identical to those of the mate. According to “Cashys Blog”, Huawei should plan to distribute the marshmallow update first to Indian honor 7 in February.

Sharp Display, Faster Scanner

The display of the Chinese runner’s duration is 5.2 inches tall and with full HD resolution, ppi offers a strong pixel density of 425. The screen is bright, contrasts, beautiful colors, and is perfectly visible from the side. The colour temperature can be adapted the screen in the settings as usual, with Huawei equipment. Overall, the display makes a great impression.

On the back the honor of 7 under the camera has read a fingerprint sensor that also excellently works as fingers are of the mate s in a few seconds and detected almost without delay. And like the noble Huawei brother, you can also to various other actions use the scanner, for example, calls or pull down the notification bar.

Another feature of the honor 7 is the so-called “smart key” on the left side. The user press the button once, twice or longer it can cause various functions. For example, he can the camera quickly access, make a screenshot or turn on the flashlight. The smart key is located so that it is easy to reach with index finger or thumb and has proved quite handy extra in the test. The Nano-SIM and microSD card slot is located above the button.

Strong Camera Equipment

The camera on the back takes pictures with up to 20 megapixels, with a higher resolution than the camera of the mate.This is an advantage but only on the data sheet and light. Because apparently, the additional pixels on an equal-sized sensor, making photos of the honor of 7 in low light conditions somewhat faster noise than when the mate of s push Otherwise the camera but at least as good as that of the noble Huawei smartphone and offers the same functions. Even the better shots be able in some situations. Especially the fast auto focus like also. Like the Huawei Mate S, also the honor of 7 on the front has about an excellent 8-megapixel front camera with a LED flash.

The honor of 7 350 euros is up-to-date. For this price, it’s hard to find a smartphone, which is just similar to good equipped and processed. Visually that has around 250 euros more expensive mate S although front nose, but in all other respects, the cheap competitor from in-house is equivalent, even clearly superior at run time. In short, The honor of 7 is the perfect upper-class smartphone for price-performance fans.