HTC Sense 5 Comes to Other HTC Phones

HTC’s new user interface that was introduced with the HTC One, is on the way to other HTC phones – see which models.

With HTC’s new flagship HTC One came also a completely new user interface of HTC Send 5.0 – an interface that many HTC owners quickly came to drool over.

Therefore, the big question, since the presentation of the HTC One been: Get Sense 5? also to previous models?

Answer is for milling, where both “Yes” and “no”!

On HTC’s Facebook has an Israeli user asked about upgrading HTC One X to Sense 5, which HTC match the following:

“HTC will be offering upgrades two some of its existing devices in the next few months, including global variants of HTC One X, One X +, One S and the HTC Butterfly. Also, note that some features enabled by the new HTC One hardware will not be available in the software updates. ”

It is worth noting that the only case of selected top models, and that not all features will be available, since some are dependent on new hardware.