How to Use the Cell Phone as a Microphone? On the PC and for Interviews!

Want to have decent quality audio on your PC without investing in a high-quality, high-quality microphone? A lot of smartphones out there in the market have very good audio quality. Some of them even have built-in noise canceling features. You will learn how to use the cellphone as a microphone.

How to Use the Cell Phone as a Microphone On the PC and for Interviews!

What do I need to use my cell phone as a microphone for my PC?

Preferably, old cell phones will not be as easy to set up as a microphone. Smartphones and / or tablets running Windows Phone, iOS or Android are more likely to work and require fewer steps to get you started as a microphone. For all inquiries, our guide is only for iOS, Android or Windows Phone.

How to make a microphone for my PC?

You will need to install an application on your smartphone. There are several applications that turn the phone into microphone for PC, and you can test them to know your preference. The most popular are Real Microphone, Microphone, Megaphone and WO Mic.

How to configure the microphone application?

Generally, who needs to use the smartphone as a microphone is doing this for an emergency. This emergency can be a job interview via Skype, a chat with distant family members, remote troubleshooting, and many others. However, do not be in a hurry to configure the application and the microphone so that there are no problems or conflicts during use.

Step 1: Install the application on your smartphone / tablet.

Go to the app store on your smartphone / tablet and install the app of your choice. Generally, it has instructions for installation and connection to your PC step by step, helping in the process.

Step 2: Connect your smartphone to your PC

This connection can be via Bluetooth, via cable or can be done through the wireless network, through servers or the Wi-Fi network in your home, just like the applications that transform your smartphone into a webcam .

Step 3: Install the microphone drivers for your tablet or smartphone

Some applications will install drivers to make it possible to use your tablet or smartphone as a microphone for your PC. To do so, you should go to the smartphone application site and download the driver and / or program for the operating system of your Linux, Windows, or OS X computer.

Step 4: Install the application program on your computer

The vast majority of microphone applications also need a version installed on the computer where the microphone will be used. Download and install. Note that some applications have paid versions, offering better audio quality. However, you do not need this, because the free version already has great audio to talk over the computer.

Step 5: Synchronize your smartphone or tablet with the program on your computer

Use Bluetooth , Wi-Fi or cables to connect your gadget to your computer. For a better connection, choose the cable connection. If this is not possible, choose Wi-Fi or Bluetooth as your last features. You can adjust the connection type in the Settings menu within the smartphone application.

Open the program on your computer and smartphone and synchronize the two devices by testing the device audio. There may be a delay between your speech and the audio coming out of your computer speakers, but it is completely normal.

Alternate methods for using your smartphone or tablet as a microphone on your computer

There are other methods for different types of smartphones and tablets, but the disadvantage is that they require the use of an audio connection cable but again, certain applications may be required to make the connection. You can also choose to use apps on smartphones or tablets instead of your computer to have audio conversations or do interviews. Just download the app from the app store of your device.

Did you test the above methods? Did you have difficulty using your phone as a microphone for the PC? Leave your questions in the comments and we will help you!