How to Clone People with Mobile Camera

In today’s post we will talk about an app that I’ve been wanting to bring happy Android. It is a application for Android called Clone Camera, and it is real cinnamon in branch. Thanks to this app you will be able to take a picture with multiple instances or clones of the same person. We are talking about clone, duplicate or multiply the presence of a person in a photo. But how? Oh, soul of crock! What would become of this website if you do not bring such ingenious applications from time to time…

How to Clone People with Mobile Camera

Making clones with Clone Camera app

The method I used Clone Camera to create Replicants is simple, in addition to being able to get a few results truly achieved.

The operation to carry out cloning is as follows:

We took a photograph to a person.

Keeping the same plane, we made several more pictures with the person in different locations.

For each photo, we pointed out where the person that you want to clone. Once indicates the position of the photographed in each of the snapshots Clone Camera app is responsible for merge all in one photo, thus achieving a realistic enough cloning effect.

In addition, the program includes

a small timer in case that you want to get a few selfies and a selection of filters that come never wrong to give an arty touch to the finish.

Tips to make a good clones

After taking several clones with the application I have noticed that the problem of maintaining the same framework in each of the photos just it is appreciable, take the first photo as the basis for then insert the figures identified in the rest of the shots. In that sense, whether both moves us a little camera as we took photos.

It is advisable to get a good effect of cloning is trying to keep some distance between the different positions of the person appearing in the photo. The more separate are with each other, the lower the probability that the images overlap or create rare effects.

Download and reviews

Apps for mobile devices that exploit this idea are fairly abundant in Google Play. Some of them have even more downloads than this, but Clone Camera is the best valued long. After several weeks salseando with her, I can assure that good grades are more than well deserved.

Clone Camera is a free application It for Android, has a rating of 4.1/5 and you can make it through the following link:

For iOSusers, the app is also available on iTunes, for a fee of € 1.99:

Kage bunshin no jutsu! Until the coming week!