Honor 6 X: Smartphone With Dual Camera Comes To Germany

Huawei’s subsidiary brand brings the available already in China mid-range Smartphone in other countries on the market as well. The manufacturer emphasizes the advantages of the dual camera, which should make particularly good images.

Huawei brings his daughter brand honor now also in Germany and other countries on the market the new mid-range Smartphone. Also at the honor 6 X the manufacturer wants to score again with price and performance. The Smartphone neatly equipped for this class is available starting January 4 for 250 euro. “A Smartphone flagship costs money,” said honor Chief George Zhao on Tuesday prior to the opening of CES in Las Vegas. In honor, high quality is not expensive.

Honor is aimed at the needs of a young, networked – and price-sensitive – target group. You can not afford often an expensive Smartphone. With them, Huawei wants to score in the Smartphone middle class with good equipment and quality. Zhao is pleased with the recent success of the fledgling brand. Honor customers in China have similarly high satisfaction ratings such as Apple and the mother of mark Huawei, said Zhao in Las Vegas.

Eight core SoC

6 X, a Kirin Achtkerner from Huawei’s own chip forge HiSilicon inside the honor. The 32 GB model has 3 GB RAM, in the course of the year a model 64-Gbyte come RAM on the market memory and 4 GB, which will then cost 300 euros. The Smartphone Android 6 with the in-house emotion running 4.1 UI. The 5.5 inch IPS display dissolves with full HD and is protected by a curved Gorilla glass.

Honor stresses the quality of the camera, you can see not all days in this price range: the 12MP-Hauptkamera is a second 2MP camera to the side which recorded depth of field information and to provide sharper pictures. The camera has an aperture of F/0.95 to F/16. This opens up more opportunities to play with the depth of focus in the design of photos. The camera to focus very fast with 0.3 seconds.

Under the camera, a finger off jerk sensor, which is not exactly standard in this price class sits on the back. Honor has to put in battery life. With the 3400 mAh battery the honor to hold out two full days 6 X average use. Thus the honor Smartphone is better than iPhone 6s that have a “very good battery”, said Zhao.