Google Removes The Store Play Blocking Applications from Advertising

Google gets strict and He begins to remove the applications that block advertising Google play. Applications such as AdBlock Plus, AdAway or AdFree are no longer available from the official Android app store.

This movement expected that you arrived one day. Many developers already complained from some time ago that Google did not take action on the existence of these applications in Google Play, since to also delete the advertising they eliminated for many of them part of their income and even the Google.

Google has been able to remove these applications thanks to the clause 4.4 (prohibited actions) of the distribution agreement for developers where an application may not interfere, alter or harm third-party services. Google sent an email to the developers of these applications of blocking advertising to inform them that they have withdrawn their application and the reasons.

4.4 Prohibited actions: You agree not to participate in any activity on the Market, including the development and distribution of products, which may lead to an interference, alteration, damage or unauthorized access to devices, servers, networks or other properties or services of third parties, including, among others, users of Android, Google or any mobile network operator. You cannot use customer information obtained through Market to sell or distribute products outside Market.

Now users who want to block the advertising will have to search for this kind of applications from other sources and, in the majority of cases, having rooted device. With Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean) they closed the door to the AdBlock Plus.