Google Play Will Expand The Categories of Games in February 2014

Almost a year ago we complain on Google Play missing more games categories to have a higher order in this section. There are currently very few categories and they are very generic, there is no way for example see only strategy games or play on words, but esto will change in two months.

Google announced in February of 2014 are going to expand the categories of Google Play games, for which the user much easier find the game that you want to and not have to find games that does not want to. Are going to spend 6 to 17 categories, an enlargement which will be welcomed by all users and developers.

List of changes in the category games:

Current category New category (February 2014)
Arcade & action Action
Games room
Role-playing games
Puzzles and thinking games Puzzle
Cards & casino games Letters
Casual Casual
Board Games
Game of questions and answers
Racing Racing
Sports Sports

From this month of December developers can now add new categories to their games but until February of 2014 will not be visible through Google Play. We expect Google to continue to improve its applications store and are encouraged to display the list of micropayments with its prices in each application and game from Google Play. Google Play Store 4.5 only alerts us if there are shopping within the application, but see what before you download the app as if it shows the Apple App Store.