Google Play Store 5.0, First Images of Its Next Redesign

If Google Play Store 4.9 tabs of content to award-winning interface Material Design, rediseñaban in their next update to the version 5.0, as you might expect, we expect the complete redesign official Android shop.

The first screenshots of version have been leaked Google Play 5.0 Store making use of navigation menu styles of Material Design. This new version seems that it will be released in the coming weeks, probably accompanied by the launch of Android 5.0.

In its new interface we see and use the new icon to the side, a little wider menu as above, new colours, changes in some icons, like the search, and see how the each section tabs now have the same color the bar’s actions. We also see a new interface for playlists. In the rest of the interface when there seems to be few changes.

Google Play 5.0 Store happen to use one more vivid color palette to make the application more eye-catching. In the next image we can see at the top the colors of the current version with the colors of the new version.

They will also be new animations in an application to make it more attractive, such as the animation of the change of the Menu icon on back, and vice versa. It is possible that many of the new features in the interface are only available in Android 5.0.

Also that leaked in Google Play 5.0 Store We will be able manage backups our devices, so be para que se hagan make copies of the list of installed applications and to restore them when we change the device or restore factory.

With this renewal, there will also be a new icon to Play Store, and it seems that there will be a few new icons or shortcuts to access the apps, music, movies, books and magazines for sale.