Google Play Still Is You Slip Applications False Easily

As many already know published applications in Google Play they do not have to be approved by Google, anytime a developer can upload an application, although in theory that application should comply with the policies of developer program Google Play, in which detailed what are forbidden to make developers and their applications, but still some people leap it is to trick users.

Conditions for publish applications on Google Play expressly forbids developers to launch apps with names or icons that are deceptively similar to other applications to impersonate them, and this is currently one of the main problems of Google Play.

Google Play Store, lack of control

To put them false applications in Google Play It is unfortunately more common than I should. Some “developers” to try to earn money quickly with the advertising launch fakes of popular applications that are then limited to displaying images, some video or text, and in almost all cases without malware, since Google Play automatically analyzes applications.

The fakes usually last a few days on Google Play, as the developers of the original versions and users We may report such false applications that Google delete them. When Google verifies that a reported application is a fake, in addition to removing that application, not pays the benefits that generated that fake with advertising, and suspended the account of the developer that person not to publish applications again. If the fake was an application of payment money would be returned to users.

Even if Google removes false applications in a short time you would put more resources to prevent that they slip on Google Play, since esto subtracts its applications store quality. It is true that it is not a widespread problem but always are these fakes with the launch of an important application, for example When I went to launch initially BBM for Android was filled with fakes shop that you wanted to confuse users. A recent example, when 8 Asphalt became free appeared a fake who practically copied all the tab or up to the developer, and in the three-day name that was available fake got more than 10,000 downloads. The tab of the fake in the Google cache is still available