Google Play Delayed Payments to Developers Until The 15 Day of Each Month

Google has been reporting in recent days to developers who have published applications in Google Play Since the month of February they will pay two weeks later, from making payments on day 2 of the month following the 15th day of each month following.

So developers do not have to wait six weeks to collect sales and profits by advertising this month Google will split in two the payment of February, paying 15 February achieved sales of 1 to 13 this month and March 15 sales from 15 to 18 February. A from there already each month the 15th day of the following month will be charged. This is the email you are sending:

Hello, we are committed to providing consistent and reliable payment experience while introducing new forms of payment to better serve its users and create more revenue opportunities for you. To do this, we are changing our date of payment 15 days after end of month.
From February, 2013 will be the transition from a schedule to pay two days after end of month to be paid 15 days after end of month. In an attempt to ease the transition, we will make two interim payments before they are completely retarded payments with the new calendar in the following manner:-February 2: payment of sales from January – February 2: payment of sales made in January – 15 February: payment of sales made between 1 and February 13 – March 15 : Payment of sales made between 14 and 28 February and each following month, also will receive the payment on the 15th.
We are committed to offer the best place so that developers sell their applications. These changes will allow us to ensure that users can purchase their applications and that we can make payments to you in a reliable way.
If you have any questions, please contact the team Google Checkout Comerciante at thank you for your continued support to Google Play.
Greetings, Google Play equipment

In that same e-mail report developers to add new forms of payment on Google Play so that users have more facilities to buy applications, but which do not specify, but it could be the future balance of Google Wallet in which users can move money between them. Currently need to have credit card to buy on Google Play and gift cards are only available in the U.S..

What mail do not explain is why the delay in payments, but is said to be to fight against spammers who try to make money quickly to cheating or deceiving consumers, since on many occasions when Google detected this type of applications and withdrew them from Google Play already had made payments to those spammers. With a margin of 15 days many of those developers will be free of charge and will stop posting spam to Google Play. It is also said that Google has delayed payments to make more money with the interest generated by having more time retained the money.